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i said years ago that i'd rather get death than life and that still is true today. i believe death is the ultimate freedom, so i'd rather just have my freedom as soon as i can get it. >> jodi arias has been on suicide watch since her extraordinary interview with troy hak. with the cheering from the crowd outside the maricopa county courthouse, barely still, jodi telling troy she would rather go to the lethal injection death chamber than live behind bars. >> i'm geraldo rivera and jodi's widely debated statement is one
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chapter in the legal drama that for 67 days riveted much of the nation with sometimes lurid testimony of sex, lies and bloody murder. did she mean it that statement that she would rather die than live or was she just lying again in a by zahra tempt at reverse psychology? what's going on in the mind of the small, attractive woman who stabbed boyfriend travis alexander 27 times? also slitting his throat and shooting him in the head. tonight, you'll see the entire jailhouse interview beginning with her reaction to the verdict. >> just a couple of minutes ago, you heard the verdict from the jury. what are your thoughts? >> i think i just went blank. just, um -- i don't know. i just feel overwhelmed. i think i just need to take it a
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day at a time. >> was it unexpected you think this verdict? >> it was unexpected for me, yes. because there was no premeditation on my part. i can see how things look that way. but i didn't expect the premeditation. i could see the felony murder because of the way the law is written, but the whole time i was fairly confident i wouldn't get premeditation, because there was no premeditation. >> you got a lot of questions from the jury. did it seem like some of the jurors didn't believe your story, what you were telling them? >> yeah. >> what are your thoughts on that? >> i can understand that, i think, because of what i was -- the lies that i told in the beginning to try to cover up this, cover up that, hide things that i didn't want to be known, made public. >> why did you lie at the beginning? >> well, mostly because i was scared. but i also didn't want certain aspects of my relationship with travis to come out.
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and i was ashamed of what had happened, how it happened, how it escalated. i don't know if there's really a word, at least in my vocabulary to describe it. but i think mortified is one of the closest words. ashamed. things like that. >> did you avoid eye contact with travis' family or did you make eye contact? what are your thoughts on that? >> i typically avoided eye contact. travis comes from a family where they sort of all look alike. when i see their face, i see travis. i see the man that abused me. and i don't want to look at that. >> do you have a sense of where the public feeling is about you, whether you're liked or not liked? >> i get the sense that there is great division on both sides, but i believe a majority is
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against me. >> what are your thoughts on that? >> a psychologist once explained to me that society has this need to persecute people, get some sort of gratification from it. there might be something going on there. besides that, i don't really -- it's so convoluted at that we could talk for hours on that. >> recent tweets, you were talking about, you mentioned the word suicide. how are you feeling right now? >> not really looking forward to what comes next. >> explain that to me. >> just more court. just keeps going on and on. i just want to get it over with. >> are you focusing on the court or are you focusing on what could be the worst outcome for you? >> well, the worst outcome for me would be natural life. i would much rather die sooner than later. longevity runs in my family and
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i don't want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place. you know, i'm pretty healthy. i don't smoke. i would probably live a long time. so that's not something i'm looking forward to. i said years ago that i'd rather get death than life. that still is true today. i believe death is the ultimate freedom, so i'd rather just have my freedom as soon as i can get it. >> so you're saying you actually prefer getting the death penalty than being in prison for life? >> yes. >> that might surprise some people. >> i think if you look at things eternally, it's not as scary. i mean, we do get attached to our lives and i'm attached to mine. but i don't know. i just -- i can't fathom staying in one spot for the rest of my life. i've been everywhere and i think it would just drive me a little crazy. >> you had some clashes with
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juan martinez. you went after him a little bit. what are your thoughts on juan? >> prior to trial, i respected juan as a very capable attorney. even though he's done some shady things in my case, as far as hiding evidence and failing to disclose certain things. hoping it would just go away. in the end, what does it matter, it didn't help my case. as far as all the evidence that did come to light eventually. in trial, i think that his accusation that i was seeking fame is absurd. i remember hearing in 2011 when he stood up before the court and said i don't control the media. if it were up to me, i'd be on tv every night. i think he's the one seeking fame, not me. but, you know, it is what it is. >> you had some pretty tough things, i would imagine, to go through in the trial.
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during the trial, there were photograpdisplayed. i notice you tended to look away. what were you thinking when the photographs were being flashed in front of everybody? >> i wanted to crawl under the table and disappear. >> you had to look at some of the tougher parts of what you had been through the last four months. what would they be? >> just coming to fully understand what i've put people through. my family and everyone else as well. that's the part i'll always regret. >> tell me more about that. what do you mean? >> well, just the way everything happened. i think that if i had been honest from the beginning, i'd be in a different place. and so would everyone else. because of what i've done, a lot of people were hurt for a long time. >> when we come back, jodi tells fox phoenix anchor troy had en why she ran after murdering travis alexander.
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i don't remember. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> how about when you cut his throat, were you crying then? >> i don't know. >> take a look then. and you're the one that did this, right? >> yes. >> and you're the same individual that lied about all this, right? >> yes. >> from the outset, jodi arias had to explain to the jury why she told so many different stories about her behavior and her whereabouts after the brutal murder of travis alexander. she lied repeatedly and lead prosecutor juan martinez pounded her for each fake story she told. watch now how she attempts to explain to troy hayden her conduct in the wake of travis'
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murder. >> got to be tough time for you, obviously, just learning what happened. but you're telling me that if you had done things differently, do you regret how you went about doing things after travis was killed, after you killed travis? >> yeah. i think that i was just freaked out. i know i was freaked out. i didn't know what to do. i knew that i couldn't just carry on as normal. but i tried to do that. i tried to act that part until, you know, until everything came down on me. i just couldn't imagine going to my family and saying look what happened or going to the police and saying here, arrest me. i was just horrified with what had happened and it was difficult to face that i had been pushed to that point and i could be capable of something like that. >> let's talk about what happened after you were at travis' that night and that day.
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a lot of people who talked to me about it said how could she have gone up and been with another man 24 hours after this. how were you able to put that behind you and basically go on a date? >> i don't think i so much put it behind me as i just sort of checked out. i hardly remember that day. i don't remember it being nearly as intimate as he described. >> i mean, we were talking and we kissed. >> and did this kissing continue, or did it just stop at one kiss? >> eventually we kissed probably many times. every time we started kissing, it got a little more escalated. >> i remember falling asleep and taking a nap and he was laying next to me. i remember feeling it's strange, but i remember feeling safe. he wasn't going to snap. he wasn't going to, you know, take advantage of me and try to do things i was uncomfortable with. i just felt safe with that
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person. but i knew that -- i mean, it's not like i went up there because i was hoping to pursue a relationship. i went up there because i thought, oh, crap, i need to keep my schedule. i went up there because i felt a sense of obligation inside to keep up the pretense, not because i was going off to have fun. >> even to me, i don't know you at all, but i feeley know a little bit about you. you really looked at your hands and you realize what happens and at that point you say i have to meet this person. i'm going to keep that appointment, i'm going to keep that date. i don't understand how that goes through your mind. >> well, what happened was, i slowly began to come to while i was in the desert. and when i found my charger and i turned my phone on, there were tons of voice mails. one from leslie, i think a few from leslie, maybe one from
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ryan. and i realized these people are wondering where i am and i thought, i just felt like i needed to buy myself some time and figure out what had happened. i was just very -- i was very shocked. i didn't know what i was doing. >> let's talk about the gas cans. that's another thing that keeps being brought up all the time. was there a third gas can? >> there was initially when i purchased it. but i really did return it. i got $13 and change back. i went on my way. >> a lot of people are saying who carries gas in the trunk of their car. >> i didn't fill it up until i realized i was going to be driving across the desert on a highway alone that i've never driven at night. and it's something that we began to do when i moved to the desert because we didn't want to get stranded. just being from the coast, 120 degrees is a shock to your system. so we sort of would travel with
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provisions and things like that. so not always gas, but i was taking a road that i had never traveled before. and suddenly being safe was more important than saving a few dollars on gas, which was my initial goal. >> and the other thing that keeps coming up, the jury seemed to have issues with as well is the lack of memory over the attack. can you explain that to me? >> sure. i think it's been described how certain memories come back with time and rather than get worse. i've experienced a little bit of both. memories have come back. it's not just completely blank. little things have come back here and there that i remember. >> have things come back since we began talking about this since the trial started? >> no. these things -- well, i can't think of anything specifically. these things have come back within the last year, two years, things have been popping up and coming back. i testified to that a little bit. just different scenarios that have -- i don't want to get into the details.
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the relationship that began in the fall of 2006 when mr. alexander met jodi arias at a pre-paid legal convention in las vegas. and the relationship that ended tragically on june 4th, 2008. and because these aspects of the human condition play such a prominent role in this
10:21 pm
relationship, it makes sense that the evidence that you've heard starting on january 2nd is a tale of fear, love, sex, lies and dirty little secrets. >> that's kirk ner mi, the lead defense attorney that faced the state's mountain of evidence against jodi arias but also a defendant so out of control that she granted a bombshell television interview even before the jury decides whether she lives or dies. more from fox phoenix anchor tray hayden's exclusive interview with a convicted killer and why, if it was self-defense, jodi never went to the police. >> you're talking about your defense a little bit and you wish they had done this or that. are you happy with your defense? >> i'm grateful for my defense. they've worked very hard. >> 100%? >> not 100%. but they've worked very hard. >> does kirk like you?
10:22 pm
>> it's not about whether or not you like jodi arias. nine days out of ten i don't like jodi arias. >> i think nine days out of ten. one day out of nine -- one day out of ten. >> why did you get along? >> we actually got along very well for a long time and then we just have had clashes in ideas and ultimately, he's the boss. >> what would you have changed? >> there is a man who saw me with bruises all over. i would have made every effort to find him and they didn't. there are other people who saw me with bruises. my friends. my sisters. and the defense didn't call them for their own reasons. i think that that would have corroborated some of the things i said. on the hard drive we discussed, the one that was not part of my trial. i took pictures of myself during that time, not specifically for that purpose but just being on the road and i just keep thinking maybe it was in that
10:23 pm
photo, tons of things. >> what i hear from women a lot is if she was getting beat up, why didn't she call the police? >> that's probably what you hear from women who have not been in my situation, haven't been abused. i think at that time, if i can put myself back in that mind frame at that time, my fear of calling the police is that i would be seen as overly dramatic or i would make an enemy of travis and i really just wanted us to be able to be friends ultimately. i was scared of the consequences for him and scared a little bit for me of calling the police and getting them involved, getting the law involved. i didn't want that to happen to him. i just wanted him to go on and be happy and be successful and i wanted the same for myself. >> do you still think about travis? >> yes. >> in what way?
10:24 pm
>> there's a lot of regret because i was really hoping to get a plea and avoid talking about all of the things that came out about him. if we had been able to avoid trial, we could have avoided just the murkier aspects of his life that he kept hidden and these aren't just things that came from my mouth. they're his own words, his own e-mails, his own text messages. the activities that he was up to. photographs that show that as well. none of that ever would have come to light. it just would have been forgotten and he would be memorialized as not perfect by any means but somebody who was known to adhere to his al morales and principles he espoused. the curtain has been drawn and
10:25 pm
you can see the hypocrisy. i know that even though he was living the life of a hypocrite, that's not how he wanted to be perceived. inside he didn't want to live that kind of life >> a lot of people had issues with the pedophilia when that how do you respond to that? >> well, again, i mean he's fantasizing about having sex with a 12-year-old on the tape. that's pedophile by definition. also there's a photograph on the hard drive which my attorneys didn't feel was relevant. but it's a picture of him chasing around a naked 4-year-old boy with his bible open pretending to be a catholic priest. i don't know why we were hanging out, i thought it was silly at the time and i snapped the photograph. at the time i just thought he was mocking the catholic church in poor taste. and that was that.
10:26 pm
that was a year before i walked in on him. so after that incident of walking in on him, i began to put all these things together and that was one of the puzzle pieces that seemed to make sense to me. >> a lot of people accusing you of tearing down a dead man's reputation. >> i would have been very happy to remain silent and gone quietly into the night off to prison. my defense team decided to rip the lid off because we were forced to trial. the state didn't want to settle. it's not that i wanted to plow ahead and do this. but i did took the stand because strategically, they advised me to. when i was on the stand, i had to answer the questions that were posed to me. >> up next, we saw and heard a lot from the friends and family of travis alexander. but what was it like for jodi to have her own family watching as she was accused, arrested, charged and convicted of murder in the first degree?
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the boy is now facing homicide charges. new developments in cleveland. the house where authorities say three women were held prisoner for a decade is now boarded up with a fence around it. the victims trying to return to the lives they led before the kidnappings but there are new questions about one of them, michelle knight. we're told she hasn't reunited with her family just yet. she was discharge frtd hospital on friday. now, back to guilty, jodi arias in her own words. ilt in her own words. said you did this. come back and be normal. >> i don't know. >> jodi has mental problems. jodi would freak out all the time. i had quite a few of her friends call me and tell me that i needed to get her some help. call me in the middle of the night and tell me she needed help. >> i do know one day when she
10:32 pm
called me crying hysterically, she decided to move to mesa, arizona, she snuck up at his house and looked in the window and saw him on the couch with another woman and here she was planning on marrying this guy. >> welcome back to our special presentation of the exclusive jailhouse interview, convicted killer jodi arias gave to phoenix anchor troy hayden after hearing a verdict making her vulnerable to the ultimate punishment, death by lethal injection. how jodi feels about the torment she inflicted on her own parents. >> let's talk about your parents for a little bit. your mom has been there for you every day in the courtroom. what are your thoughts on her? >> i can't talk right now.
10:33 pm
>> is that the hardest part, thinking about your mom? >> yeah. my mom and my whole family. yeah. it's difficult. as far as my mom, i feel like i don't deserve her. she's been a saint. i've not treated her very well. >> there was some talk about you getting physical with your mother. did that happen in terms of things like that? >> i vaguely remember the incident. i think when they say i kicked her, we were arguing and she was kicking me under the table. i think i kicked her back. i was a teenager. she did everything she could to keep us under control. >> she visits you often.
10:34 pm
what do you talk about? >> everything. pretty much. sometimes the good visits, sometimes bad visits. or unpleasant. other times they're great. >> what happens during the good visits? >> usually she's telling me stories about things that are happening with my family or my friends or how many e-mails and messages of support that she's getting. people that support my family and me, you know, moral support. that they're behind us and that makes me feel good. >> what about the bad visits, what are they like? >> they're usually just discussing unpleasant things. frustrating times. things are very frustrating
10:35 pm
sometimes. and it's a drag. >> the alexander family, especially the two sisters and the younger brother, if you could say something to them, what would you like to say to them? >> i hope that now that a verdict has been rendered that they're able to find peace. some sense of peace. i don't think they'll ever find the peace that they would like. but maybe they'll be able to have greater peace now. or some semblance of it and be able to move on with their lives and remember their brother the way they wanted to. >> you were just talking about the people that don't like you. >> uh-huh. >> do you care at all? does it matter to you that people like you or don't like you? is it going to matter to you? >> at age 32, it doesn't matter. i think when i was arrested at age 28, it bothered me. and even before my arrest, before i ever imagined my life going in this direction. if i knew someone didn't like
10:36 pm
me, it would gnaw at me in the back of my mind. but at this point, i can truly say it's like water off a duck's back. i've reached the place, i wish i had reached this place years ago. but i think it comes with age. i've reached a place it doesn't bother me. >> up next, how she feels about her jailhouse popularity, about the correspondents who covered the correspondents who covered her trial and ab did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. ocuvite. geico and we could help youo save on boat and motorcycle insurance too. other insurance companies are een with envy.
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she'll call and say hey, i have a cold or we'll talk about it. sometimes she'll say let's tweet. and then we'll take it -- she'll say no, let's not do it. >> maybe it's because she's attracti attractive, intelligent and appears frail. she may be the most popular inmate in the jail. she encountered tens of thousands rooting for her acquittal. in this excerpt of her life behind bars with anchor troy hayden, jodi is asked about everything from her artwork to religi religion. >> do you take pride in the fact that people are paying money for your art? >> it's interesting. i take pride just not so much in the price tag, but in the way i've developed the gift itself of a talent i should say. i take pride in that. i'm happy that i'm able to share it with the world.
10:41 pm
>> i noticed that -- i saw this on another network. i don't know if it's correct. you buy large amounts from the commissary and then you tweeted out that you -- tell me about what you do behind bars in the commissary. >> after i was arrested, i'm no longer working or going to church and so i'm not tithing any more to the church. but the church encourages you to tithe 10%. i take 10% of the dollar amount that i spend and i give that away. and then recently i've been blessed with the ability to send a little bit more. i'm able to give more. and i've been glad to be able to do that. >> are you still practicing your faith? >> um, i don't think -- i'm still a member of the church but i'm not actively practicing my faith at this point.
10:42 pm
they don't offer lds service for maximum security inmates and the mormons rarely come around to visit me. so i've sort of fallen away from that. i still have my scripture. i still read it. it's hard to maintain an active status in the church when you're sort of cut off from it. >> you're tweeting. talk to me about twitter. is that your idea? >> initially -- i've never been on twitter. i don't know what it looks like. i just have heard about it through other people reading about it in magazines. in 2009 somebody started a false twitter account in my name and began tweeting pretending they were me. so i had that shut down. and then it just became sort of an idea that i thought of in february. we decided to go for it. >> are you happy you have?
10:43 pm
>> yes. well, i wouldn't say happy. i don't regret it. >> right. what has it brought to you? >> i think there's a little bit of satisfaction gained from being able to just impart my ideas and my thoughts and sort of let people know where i'm coming from. whoever wants to look. you don't have to read it if you don't like it. >> you went after nancy grace there a couple times. >> yeah. >> you want to ta >> i don't think she's worth it. >> juan you also went after there. >> yes. i just found it highly hypocritical that he would point to me and call the epitome of liar when he's lied over and over in court over the years. i wish i had the ability to comb through those records and say right here, he lied right here, he lied. but he's not the one on trial. so in that sense, it doesn't matter that he lied.
10:44 pm
but in another sense does because of the important position that he has. >> did you have any knowledge of the interest in your case? >> i do get the newspaper. so that's been one portal where i've learned things. a lot of inmates have come in to the jail since then and they tell me. they want to come up and shake my hand and give me a hug. they want my autograph. i'm not going to sign anything. they just -- they want a piece of something that -- so it's kind of strange. but that's given me an idea. >> that has to be strange, huh? what do you think when somebody asks you for your autograph? >> it's kind of awkward. i mean, i want to be nice to people. but i tell them no. i don't think it's appropriate. >> pretty -- a sound bite from your trial played over and over again and you smiled at it in
10:45 pm
court. kirk nurmi saying nine days out of ten even he doesn't like you. >> yes. >> what did you think when he said that? >> i actually thought of elizabeth johnson's trial. i was reading of the coverage in the paper and her attorney told the jury it's important -- i'm paraphrasing. but he told them it's not about whether or not you like her. it's about the facts of the case. so i think it was -- i think it might -- i believe it's standard somewhat that jurors need to remember it's not about whether or not you like the defendant. up next, is jodi arias headed to a solitary cell on death row outside florence, arizona? what would she have done
10:46 pm
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state versus jodi arias. verdict count one, we the jury dual impaneled and sworn on the action find the defendant as to count one first degree murder guilty. five jurors find premeditated, zero find felony murder. seven find both premeditated and felony. >> body language experts have viewed and reviewed how the convicted killer jodi arias responded to the jury's stunning verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree. hear how the defendant explains her reaction and tells us what she would have done differently in the desert with literally blood on her hands after committing the murder for which she potentially faces the death penalty. >> so if you had to do this all over again, you're in desert, you notice you've got blood on your hand. how do you handle it? >> i would turn around and drive
10:50 pm
to the mesa police department. >> what do you think would have happened to you then? >> i don't know. but it would have been the right thing. >> let's go forward. say you do get a long sentence. how are you going to spend your life? >> i haven't decided yet. >> talk to me again if you can briefly about wanting to hurt yourself. do you feel like you want to hurt yourself right now? >> not right now. i think i've gone in and out of periods that since 2007. there was some talk about me being suicidal in high school. i never was. i think i might have written the words, something along the lines of wanting to die. that's distinctly different from wanting to kill myself. i found it strange at the time that avid gotten into the church and i gained the testimony of the church, feeling i'm feeling suicidal. i didn't understand that. but i never did anything. so it could just be talk, it
10:51 pm
could just being purging my thoughts, that kind of thing. >> you got a mitigation hearing coming up. penalty phase. do you know what your mitigating factors are going to be? >> well, i've been told that i don't have any mitigating factors. >> by hwhom? >> your attorney. >> kirk nurmi you're talking about. he said there are no mitigating factors for you in terms of arguing against the death penalty? >> nothing that is what you typically see in a case like this, such as a childhood where there was drugs, alcoholism, molestation, things like that. none of those things occurred in my family. so i don't know. i guess we would sort of joke that my mom didn't beat me hard enough. so i don't really have
10:52 pm
mitigation. >> you've actually started at least you tweeted out that you're selling t-shirts for domestic violence children. do you plan to continue that? >> yes. >> why? >> i assume they're doing okay as is with government funding and donations. but i've spoken with people who have worked in those shelters and they always need donations. it's important to me to be able to assist them in being able to assist survivors. >> a lot of people are going to be seeing this. is there one thing you'd like to get out to all those people? >> i guess what i really want to say is to other women who are in a situation that i was once in. it's like i just said, i really just wish they would document it. that's it. you don't have to do anything with it. you don't have to turn the person you love in. you don't have to do anything. just document it. just in case. it's better to have it and not need it than the opposite. again, i think that things would
10:53 pm
be very different right now if i had documented all of the things that i went through. instead of being in a state of denial. >> what would you like to say to all the people who seem to really dislike you, even hate you? >> well, maybe i should be flattered that they focus on me so much if they dislike me so much. why am i always on their radar? >> i have a question about the jury. >> as far as premeditation, i know they got it wrong. some said felony murder. i think that's a very ugly law sitting in my position. but as far as the way the law is written, i think i can understand how some reached that conclusion. >> what's your message to the jury? right now? >> well, i don't know that i have a direct message for the jury. i know that i prayed constantly
10:54 pm
for every single one of them. that's the jury that was brought to me. that's the jury that i was meant to have. >> so you pray for the jury? >> i prayed prior to trial that the right jurors would be on my jury. so i just have to believe that those were the right jurors. >> and the last question i have is going back to when you were on the stand and juan martinez was cross examining you, there was really a time you felt like you were giving back as much as he was giving. what was going through your mind? what really did you want to say had there been no constraints to say at that point? >> i would have said a lot more. >> you want to say it now? >> well, i would have to think back to a specific incident. >> he said he was scrambling your brain because he was yelling at you. do you remember ha. >> yes. >> what were you thinking when he was yelling at you? >> i probably shouldn't say.
10:55 pm
there were a lot of times when he was beating up on other witnesses, more like attacking them rather than a message. i wanted to be able to jump into their body and respond for them. just because i feel like he is a bully. >> i actually kind of expected you when he would go after you like that to shrink away or cry but instead you stood up to him. >> i think that if it had been any sooner -- trial took a long time to get here. if it had been any sooner, i would have melted. i would have just fallen apart. but my confidence came on the stand knowing that i'm up there and i'm ready to speak the truth and i know that i was -- i know what happened. and that gave me a sense of inner strength to handle him. he can throw whatever curve balls he wants. i know what happened. and i'll answer it. >> knowing now that decision,
10:56 pm
how is tonight going to be different than any night leading up to today? >> well, i've thought a lot about that. i had a list of things that i wanted to do with my life if i were blessed with a second chance. so there are still things on the list i could accomplish regardless. but tonight i was going to go back and visit with my family and break the news to my friends who have been very supportive and just business as usual tonight. and then we'll see what tomorrow brings. jodi arias is on suicide watch at least until next week when jurors will consider whether she lives or dies. as you ponder whether she should pay for her terrible crime with her own life, remember that domestic violence and this was domestic violence, is the most common motive for murder. wives and girlfriend killing husbands and boyfriends and vice
10:57 pm
versa. almost never do those cases end with the killer's execution. compare her bloody crime, however horrible, with two other current cases. one also in arizona with jared loughner who killed six, including an 8-year-old child and a federal judge and grievously wounded congresswoman gabby giffords, was allowed to plead to life imprisonment. and in cleveland, ohio, ariel castro admitted to hideous violence on three women and a child. killing several babies born and unborn. shouldn't the ultimate punishment be reserved for the castros of the world? that's it for us. that's it for us. thank you to troy hayden for his if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. yeah?
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welcome to "red eye," 60 minutes, minutes of video. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks. our top story tonight is mother's day sexist? the shocking accusation that is both shocking and an accusation. plus, the u.s. government tells the company behind the world's first 3d-printed gun to remove the plans from the internet, leaving behind cold, dead links. finally, 80,000 people have applied to be the first humans to go to mars and never come back. we'll try to figure out to what it will take to make bill shultz one of them. >> happy mother's day. >> same to you. >> did you get my card? >> no, i didn't. >> good because i didn't send you one, you

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